Starter Pack

  • 5 of reduce1x  2 oz bottles 
  • 5 Assist, 5 B12,
  • 5 Advantage,
  • 5 Control 10x

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The Blueline Product Lineup:

Reduce 1x Diet Drops: Available in a 2 oz. bottle, and in several flavors. This product series quickly became a lead item and a favorite among weight loss seekers. You can find other weight loss formulas on the market, but none compare to the careful, and scientific preparation, that went into this formula. The firm employed brand new technologies, that break down the ingredients to such an extent, that they can be micro-encapsulated, at the molecular level, into the overall preparation. The result is incredible absorption rates. This, in turn, means a quick weight loss, which is what most people are after.

The List of Herbs used in this product reads like a Who’s Who In Effective Metabolic Control. Clinical Studies from around the globe, have clearly shown that each and every Herb in the formula is effective in weight loss, or in support of your body during weight loss. This product line is so well thought out, that you don’t have to worry about feeling tired, and miserable, during your diet protocol. Your appetite will be suppressed, and your sugar cravings brought under control.


Assist: A well thought out formula the helps your mind and body in several areas, the user will benefit by: Enjoying a deeper and more restful sleep, Reduction of daily stress and anxiety, Promotes healthy weight loss, Reduces food cravings, Helps balance your moods, and supports overall mind and body health. Nothing like it on the market today.

Advantage: Especially during weight loss programs, people complain of Burnout, Fatigue, Low physical and mental energy, Brain Fog, Mood Swings, and weakened immune systems. Each of these symptoms can be a sign that a person is experiencing a form of Adrenal Exhaustion. If a person feels ill on a Diet, there goes the Diet. Blueline’s Adrenal Formula is formulated using eight of the most effective herbs, and trace minerals, that when combined together yield unequaled results. It will rebuild, balance, and support the Adrenal Glands.

Control 10x: This is a fast acting weight loss appetite suppressant. This product was designed to reduce your appetite and includes a built in energy boost. All it takes is a few drops under the tongue, and you will not even notice any hunger pains with this all natural product. Control 10x is stronger than our flagship product.

B12 Drops: Ever get that run down feeling in the afternoon. A few drops of this B12 Formula will change exhaustion, into boundless energy. It is a very smooth transition, as become more mentally alert, and you feel like getting back to work, or having fun. This is a favorite product here at the Blueline Offices among the staff. Elderly people have been getting B12 Injections for years to help out with their energy, and to increase their Red Blood Cell Count. Your hair, skin and nails will come back to life, and your nerves will be fortified. 

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